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All major hotels:  3 stars to diamonds. Groups or families. Couples or singles. Wedding party…Pack while I book! Hey…Try a day Pass Just to relax and head home!


Did you know you save far more money when you book hotel and airfare? Add a car rental plus travel insurance and you just secured a mega deal!


Need to explore? Let me put together a tour for you: Dirt Bike riding, swimming, Rock climbing, road eating etc.

Hotel Booking

Planning a vacation? You are at the right place. We will help you find the right destination. Super deals! Travel in style! Book Hotel only or try the  discounted combo of Hotel and Airfare. Click below to book


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Did you know that your discount deal is more exciting when you book airfare and hotel? Let’s book your getaway moments!

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Horse back riding, Dirt biking, Hiking, Rock climbing, Water falls group walk,  River rafting, and Road food binging!

What my clients say about my booking service

“Thorough and rewarding! We kept changing the number of persons and switching between hotels based on proximity and price. Her patience is adorable”
“We had a family group of 20. we knew we should have called way ahead of time. Delcita travel desk promised, and delivered. Thank you for making our reunion memorable”

Julia Moore

"My eight co workers decided to have crazy, wild fun, and I suggested we used Delcita travel desk. My team colleagues were impressed with the determination and unwavering patience to make us happy for the weekend"

Jamaal Black

" I wanted to stay in Ocho Rios or Negril and ended up having three lovely, unforgettable all -in-very-clusive nights in Montego Bay. Jamaica. Thank you, Delcita travel desk!"

Maria Anna