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Need a dash of laughter in your empowerment; looking for the perfect, unbiased listener with a warm shoulder; create that winning commercial

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Counselling | Workplace Empowerment | Skits | Commercials | Voice Overs | Full Length Plays


Great intervention strategies for teenagers and parents. Superb attending skills for   relationships and family cohesiveness. Book her today! Her genuine  warmth and confidentiality will give you strength to cope, resolve and re – engage.

Guest Presenter

Provides great empowerment for psychosocial well being. Specializes in Staff Developments and Parenting Seminars. Very creative and keeps audience attentive…Book her for your next virtual or face to face empowerment session.


Creative voice overs for commercials. Effective Brand Ambassador for health products and the service industry: banking, investment, shipping and specialized education. Full length plays available for bookings and tours. Creative writing for skits and advertisements. Book her now!