About Me

About Me

I am Andrea 'Delcita ' Wright, a professional Guidance Counsellor and Actress with over 10 years of experience

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At first glance she looks very serious, almost snobbish. She has the loudest laugh in the room and the cutest smile when she parts her lips. The warmest heart and loves placing her hands on  hips – when in deep thoughts.

A proud single mother who is an actor, writer, director and producer. Which does she rather? Counselling, Guest Presenting and Writing. Jamaica’s top box office actress who has appeared in over a dozen stage plays: Granny Rule, Pastor Hoodini, Di Driver, Money Worries, Xtortionist, The Plumber, Ova Mi dead Body, The Politicians, Court House Drama, University of Delcita, Border Patrol, Granny Del, Honeymoon and The Baby Motha. Virtual shows: Father Says it Best, Country Christmas and Entanglement.

Documentary: Appeared as Jewel in Jamaica’s First Aids Awareness Drama entitled Safe Travel, written by the late, Trevor Rhone.



Great intervention strategies for teenagers and parents. Superb attending skills for   relationships and family cohesiveness. Book her today! Her genuine  warmth and confidentiality will give you strength to cope, resolve and re – engage.

Guest Presenter

Provides great empowerment for psychosocial well being. Specializes in Staff Developments and Parenting Seminars. Very creative and keeps audience attentive…Book her for your next virtual or face to face empowerment session.


Creative voice overs for commercials. Effective Brand Ambassador for health products and the service industry: banking, investment, shipping and specialized education. Full length plays available for bookings and tours. Creative writing for skits and advertisements. Book her now!