Ex Baby Motha

Written and Directed by Andrea Wright

Ex Baby Motha

written by Andrea Wright and stars Delcita also features Kai-Alana O’Conner, a York Castle sixth former; Veteran actress, Trudy Campbell – Fraser, and the energetic newcomers, Calneth Reid, Derricka Johnson.

Set by Robert Hanchard and Daniel Fraser. Dreanna Williams is at technical effects.

The Plot

Ex Baby Motha takes a critical look at parental alienation and how it seriously affects the children who are separated from their parents due to distance, jealousy and disruptive family events! Whilst the family court settles many financial arrangements for child support, many children suffer stunted positive emotional growth…Ex Baby Motha delves into and exposes the psychological disposition of both the alienated parent and child.
Come for the at home clashes and court hearings – then stay for the tears and laughter while handling jury duties! The Ex Baby Motha is a dedication to Mothers.

Target Audience


Writer’s Ambition

Writer Andrea Wright is always seeking ways to make the family a better emotional space through comedy.

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