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Andrea is a parenting enthusiast who is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University. This children’s advocate is also known as Jamaica’s most witty and enchanting theatre comedienne – Delcita Coldwata. A well seasoned, clever and engaging Guidance Counsellor. An increasingly well sought-after Guest Presenter for Psychosocial and Parenting Sessions.

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About Me

I am Andrea 'Delcita ' Wright, a professional Guidance Counsellor with over 10 years experience in counselling services

Former Guidance Counsellor Ascot High, Vere Technical High, May Day High, Dinthill Technical, Charlemont High and Westwood High.

She switches in and out of professions at the drop of a hat. Dons her mismatched costumes, changes face, add a rotten tooth or two, then command a unique Jamaican country voice to evoke scores of laughter. The one and only Delcita Coldwata!

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